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NSIT Central Library was established in 2008. It has 21794 volumes of text and reference books of various disciplines. the central library subscribes 104 national and international journals and 5 leading newspapers. the library is following the open access system and provides its services to meet the requirements of UG and PG student's and staff's member of NSIT. Central Library has various sections such as Reference section, Textbooks sections, Books for competitive examination, Back volumes section, Reprography section and etc.



It has been provided in the library to create an ambient atmosphere to read. The reading hall consists of comfortable tables and chairs with adequate seating capacity. Students and faculty members are permitted to bring books, stocks & Journals from the periodicals section and to use the reading hall for doing reference and research work.


The Library consists of about 2,897 reference books in all six Engineering branches and also Science & Humanities, English, General Topics, Dictionaries, and Encyclopaedia. The library also has a collection of rare books from inland and overseas.


Audiovisual section of the college Central Library consists of 1580 CD ROM Discs, 2 Floppies. These help students to improve their communications skills and to prepare for the competitive exams.


Our Central library provide reprography services to library users.


Our library has a high - speed Internet facility which is provided to students and faculty. The net is connected by a standalone optical fiber connection to ensure high-speed internet and can be accessed through the wireless network of the stationed computers.


* Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the library.

* No discussion permitted inside the library.

* Perfect silence should be maintained in the library.

* Using of Cell Phones inside the Library premises should be avoided.

* Bags, Big handbags, Raincoats, Jerkin and Casual wears are strictly prohibited inside the library.

* Library users are strictly prohibited from taking their own Books & Spiral Bound Books, borrowed and stamped books again inside the library.

* Students can keep the Books for 15 days and the teaching staffs for 30days.

* The books should be returned on or before the due date, marked on the date label.

* A penalty of ONE RUPEE will be charged per day after the due date for books.

* Books will be issued only against the production of Users Identity Card.

* ID cards are not transferable. The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her ID card.


The library has an Advisory Committee. The Library Advisory Committee meets twice in an academic year i.e., at the beginning of each semester. Members of the committee from each department present their views and requirements in the meeting, to render the library more users friendly. Such requirements are discussed by the committee and accordingly instructions and suggestions are given to the library by the committee.

Library Advisory Committee -2019-2020

S.No Designation Name Actual Designation
1 Chairman Dr.Munusami Viswanathan Principal
2 Internal Member Mr.Kirubakaran Librarian
3 Internal Faculty Mr.Anbumuthu AP/CSE
4 Internal Member Ms.Durga Priya AP/S&H
5 Internal Member Ms.Janaranjani AP/EEE
6 Student Representative Mr,Naveen III / Mechanical
7 Student Representative M. Sindhu II / IT

The Significant initiatives implemented so far based on the instructions of the committee are,

Extension of library working hours till 7.00pm on week days to enable the students to make use of the library resources after the college working hours.

Extended working hours for the library during weekends and vacations

Increase in number of computers for public access so as to facilitate more users to access e-resources conveniently.

Procurement of books and journals as to meet the demand of users.

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