S.No Year Title of the Project Mentor Amount Sanctioned Name of the Funding Agen
12019-20 Nanotech based sensor to car crash Detection Dr.V.MunusamiRs.15,000TNSCST
22019-20Auto Pressure Control and Monitoring Tyres by Pressure SensorV.ParthibanRs.7500TNSCST
32019-20Rural Development through education Digital India SchemeS.Alaudeen BashaRs.7500TNSCST
42019-20A Smarter Mobile Application for Marketing Organic Products from Terrace Farming S.M.C.SubashiniRs.7500TNSCST
52019-20Experimental study on Zero cement and zero water curing Eco friendly concrete for sustainable Environment S.Ashok kumarRs.6500TNSCST
62018-19Experimental Investigation on production of Biogas by using water Hyacinth plant with cow dung A.Premalatha Rs.7500TNSCST
72018-19Rescuing of Person in the sea by using ISS Satellite TrackerM.Prakash KumarRs.4000TNSCST
82018-19An Implementation of an underground cable fault detection by using digitalized methodS.Nivetha Rs.7500TNSCST
92018-19Fabrication of Quadcopter Dr.V.MunusamiRs.7500TNSCST
102018-19Experimental and Operating Characteristics of Pine Oil diethyl ether - Diesel Blends in DI- diesel Engine D.VeerappanRs.7500TNSCST