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Headshot photo National Service Scheme(NSS) Youth Red Cross(YRC) and Red Ribbon Club(RRC) units of NSIT works on Social awareness which is a crucial element of a child’s education. It enables a student to consider the perspective of other people and understand their needs. Social awareness helps children in improving their social skills by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

Students who are socially aware can recognize the resources available and use them to address the needs of society. It also reflects in their behavior in the classroom and creates an environment that is ideal for learning. It teaches the skills of communication, collaboration, social responsibility, and professionalism, which are helpful in their professional life.

NSIT-Social awareness campaigns have been playing a significant role in the way students behave. It also impacts their performance in academics. Socially aware students are more open to engaging and communicating with other students in the college. Here we have elaborated on a few important factors that make social awareness vital for the students

Constructive Classroom Environment

Headshot photoBy being more socially aware, students can understand the perspective of other students and become accustomed to the environment around them. It helps reduce disturbing behavior in the classroom and maintain a conducive environment.

Stronger Connections and Relationships

Headshot photoStudents with good social awareness skills can easily get involved in positive interaction with other people and find effective solutions to different social problems. They can build strong relationships by connecting with people. Plus, they are also more open to learning from others, which is one of the most important life skills.

Fewer Chances of Negative Behavior

Headshot photoWith high adaptability to diverse situations and a good level of understanding of other’s opinions, socially-aware students are less likely to indulge in negative behavior. They are also less vulnerable to stressful situations and have fewer chances of getting involved in undisciplined behavior. These students also have a more positive outlook on life.

NSIT Social awareness campaigns consists of a combination of elements like Emotional intelligence, Perspective taking, Social Capital, Cultural proficiency

NSIT understands the need for social awareness and have incorporated it as a part of the pedagogy. We encourage social awareness among students through various social activities and programs and to name a few activities:

  • Medical camp
  • Road Maintenance.
  • NSS Day.
  • Global warming awareness campaign.
  • Fire safety & Rescue Training program.
  • Voters Awareness Campaign
  • Avoid plastic awareness campaign
  • Save Environment campaign

Member of NSS

S.No Name of the member of Women Development Cell Role in Women Development Cell Actual Designation Email Contact No
2Mr.R.RamasamyNSS Programme officerAssistant Professor /S&Hramchanrocket@ gmail.com9688806792
3Mr.A.KrishnamoorthyRRC Programme officerAssistant Professor /S&Hkichakrishna90@ gmail.com8754773732
4Mr.A.NandhakumarYRC Programme officerAssistant Professor /S&Hnandhamaths93@ gmail. com8122106930
8Mr.P.Dinesh KumarMemberAssistant Professor / Mechdineshp195@gmail.com9003754312
9Mr.R.Ramesh BabuMemberAssistant Professor / EEErameshbabu.rmsh@gmail.com9791335400
10Mr.V.SivasakthiMemberAssistant Professor/ECEsivasakthiece24@gmail.com8883116365
11Mr.S.J.DeebakMemberAssistant Professor/CSEdeebjay@gmail.com9047726888
12Mr.P.GovintharajMemberAssistant Professor / Civilgovinth10051994@gmail.com9629419316
13A.PraveenkumarStudent MemberFinal Year / CivilApraveenkumar2@gmail.com9842969800
14K. R. KannanStudent MemberThird Year / CSEkannandesp@gmail.com9790440453
15M.RanjithkumarStudent MemberSecond Year / ECEranjithkumarmunusamy@gmail.com8508309625
16Dharshanraj.JStudent MemberFirst Year / EEEdharasanrajj@gmail.com9384302635
17Kathiresan.SStudent MemberFirst Year / Mechkathiresan482001@gamil.com6379101515


The term of the members of the Committee is two years


The committee shall meet at least twice in a semester.


  • To inculcate social awareness among stakeholders.
  • To Develop neighbourhood through social service.
  • To involve other organizations in social service.
  • To involve and participate in the programmes identified by Government Agencies.
  • To involve students in projects having social relevance.
  • To maintain the data and update the website from time to time

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