There is always a high need to increase Energy conservation and reduce energy consumption. An important way to reduce the cost of energy consumption is to move towards alternative sources of energy. In this regard solar energy is probably the most commonly known source of alternate energy and for a good reason. Solar energy is completely renewable and the costs expended on instillation can be got back through savings on electricity bills.

In our campus, Alternate sources of energy like solar panels and bio gas are used. In addition sensors and LED lights are used for saving electricity. They are used for reducing high consumption of electricity. Solar energy panels and sensor systems are placed infront of the security room and LED bulbs are placed both side of the pavements from the entrance throughout the campus. Hence, we save electric energy in our campus.

Description Specification
Solar Panel 545 WP, warre/Adhani
Plant Capacity 20 Kw
Transmission Voltage 415 VAC 50 Hz
Battery Type Online Inverter
DC Combiner Box 5.5 Kw