Pro Chairman

Narasu's Sarathy Institute of Technology

"Success is the outcome of Inspiration, Aspiration, Preparation, Dedication and Perspiration"

  • An heir from a family of National leaders, she is a person who strongly believes that within dreams and aspirations lies opportunities. Opportunities need to be tapped, tempered and moulded for bringing change and making a positive difference in the society.
  • Her experiences in administration and management of her family business holdings have made her a critical fact finder who can identify trouble spots with expertise.She is a constant source of inspiration to our students who are free to approach her for their academic needs. She is the change maker and challenger who creates active changes in every aspect. At the core of her philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is translated into the knowledge provided to our students."
  • She believes that perfection is a result of continuous practice, so She encourages students to be committed to their studies and tap the opportunities given to them in this college for creating a change in this society and for their own betterment. Her vision for an egalitarian and progressive future reflects in the institution that she inspired........