Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) at the Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology (NSIT). The discipline of Electrical and Electronics Engineering pervades every aspect of modern society, and continues to be the cornerstone of rapid technological advances that improve the quality of life in this millennium. NSIT EEE strives to be at the forefront of engineering education to equip our students to be engineering leaders in industry, research, and entrepreneurship.

  • Department of EEE having Anna University framed curricula that enable students to design customized design comprising a specific set of skill, tailored to meet their individual interests and career goals.
  • EEE is a research-intensive department. Our faculty members and research staff and students are engaged in cutting-edge research activities that span a diversity of areas. These include Power & Energy Systems, Communications & Networks, Control & Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Integrated Circuits & Embedded Systems, Microelectronic Technologies & Devices, AI & Machine Intelligence. By leveraging on expertise in these core areas. Department of EEE engages industry and government agencies to address challenges embodied in the Smart Nation initiative such as the creation of intelligent built environments, transportation, urban sustainability, security, and health-care. Department of EEE attracts more fund & research grants every year. We happy to note that this level of funding together with our well-equipped facilities have raised our research profile to place us amongst the top Electrical & Electronics Engineering departments globally. The dedication of our faculty and the keen interest exhibited by our students has produced a commendable academic record with university ranks every year.
  • Our Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme is designed to graduate versatile engineers for immediate employment and to prepare them for challenges ahead. Our programmes have strong emphasis on scientific and engineering fundamentals and a high degree of flexibility which can provide a wide diversity of educational experiences. It provides a mix of education, business and research opportunities which is unique in its diversity and richness, allowing the students to plan their individual educational experience in accordance with their career aspirations. Department of EEE is inarguably the driving force behind most modern inventions in Electrical technology and the Electronics related inventions that have evolved rapidly and revolutionaries our world. Department of EEE is thus a discipline that has plenty to offer in terms of discovery, innovations, and creativity.