• A safe and healthy environment is mandatory for the students.
  • Purify and strengthen the personality through guidance against Drugs.


  • To spread awareness to ensure a drug/ substance free campus.
  • To engage the students in anti- drug activities.
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti-drug activities in their life.
  • Ensure no sale of drugs or alcohol in college premises.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Creating awareness among the students against drug abuse.
  • Ensuring the institution premises and surroundings – free of drugs.
  • Passing information regarding availability of narcotic drugs to Local Police.
  • The goal of the campaign was to mobilize support and inspire the students to act against drug use and Narcotic free campus.

Prevention of Drugs Usage

  • Help them to understand the ill-effects of tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs.
  • Encourage them to get involved in clubs or committees that promote being drug free.
  • Help organize drug-free activities.


S.No.ResponsibilityName of the MembersDesignation
1Chairperson Dr.Munusami Viswanathan Principal
2Internal MemberDr. M. PoonguzhaliVice Principal
3Internal MemberDr. R. VasanthiProfessor, HOD/CSE
4Internal MemberMr. K.JeevanandhamProfessor,HOD/MECH
5Internal MemberDr. K.ArutselvanProfessor,HOD/EEE
6Internal MemberMr. S.LokeshProfessor,HOD/CIVIL
7Internal MemberDr. R. KavithaProfessor,HOD/S&H
8Internal Member Mr.M.Prakash Kumar AP/CSE
9Internal MemberMr. Sathiyaraj AP/CIVIL
10Internal Member Mr. M.Dineshkumar AP/EEE
11Internal Member Mr. S.Sivaprakasam AP/ECE
12Internal Member Mr. M.Umasankar AP/MECH
13Internal MemberMrs. S.Sasikala AP/CSE
14Internal MemberMrs. Kalaivani AP/Chemistry
15Student Representative A.PravinkumarIV/CSE
16Student Representative A.SureshIII/ECE