Infrastructure Facilities

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has over 13 laboratories including thermal engineering, heat-transfer, Kinematics and Dynamics, Metrology, Robotics, etc., with high configuration equipment. Updated computing facilities are available for students at the Computer Aided Design and CAD/CAM Laboratory.

1. Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• 2D /3D CAD Software – Auto CADD, Solid Works.


Can create complex part model and draft using the software

2. Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Turret and Capstan Lathes

• Universal Milling Machine

• Surface & Cylindrical grinding Machine

• Radial Drilling Machine

• Gear Hobbling Machine

• CNC Lathe

• CNC milling machine


Machining operations like turning, facing, tapper turning, thread cutting, grooving, tapping, knurling, drilling, boring, reaming, gear cutting, sprockets, face milling, plain milling, shoulder milling, end milling, pocket milling, surface contouring, gear hobbing process, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding.

3. Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Single cylinder 4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical loading

• Single cylinder 4-stroke Diesel Engine with electrical loading

• Guarded plate apparatus

• Lagged pipe apparatus

• Composite wall apparatus

• Emissivity measurement apparatus


Testing facilities for alternate fuels in Diesel & Petrol Engine using mechanical and electrical load, conductivity test of different materials and emissivity test of different materials.

4. Metrology and Measurements Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Temperature Measuring Setup

• Force Measuring Setup

• Torque Measuring Setup

• Bore gauge

• Floating Carriage Micrometer

• Profile Projector / Tool Makers Microscope


Various parameter measurements like temperature, force, torque, strain can be measured. Inspection facilities are available using different kind of gauges. Thread measurement, straightness measurement, flatness measurement, form measurement, angle measurement and linear measurement are available.

5. Simulation and Analysis Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment


• Ansys (Structural Analysis Software).


Structural and Fluidic analysis can be made with Ansys and Fluent software.

6. Mechatronics Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems

• Simulation Software (SIMS Software)

• 8051 - Microcontroller kit with stepper motor and drive circuit sets

• PLC systems


Simulation facilities of hydraulics and pneumatics are provided.

Microcontroller trainings are provided for actuating stepper motor.


Special Industrial Equipment

• CNC Machining Centre

• CNC Vertical Machining Centre


CNC programming and manufacturing for Auto Components. A Way to Computer Aided Engineering.


Special Industrial Equipment

• Cam follower setup

• Motorized gyroscope

• Governor Apparatus-Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors

• Whirling of shaft apparatus

• Dynamic Balancing machine

• Two rotor vibration system

• Spring mass vibration system


Facilities to know mass moment of inertia of mechanical element, governor effort and range sensitivity, natural frequency and damping coefficient, torsional frequency, critical speeds of shafts, balancing mass of rotating and reciprocating masses, and transmissibility ratio.

9. Strength of Materials Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Universal Tensile Testing machine with double 1 shear attachment – 40 Ton Capacity

• Torsion Testing Machine (60 NM Capacity)

• Impact Testing Machine

• Spring Testing Machine for tensile and compressive loads

• Metallurgical Microscopes

• Muffle Furnace (800 C)


Facilities to test under various loading such as Tension, Torsion, Hardness, Compression, and Deformation on Solid materials.

10. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Orifice meter setup

• Venturi meter setup

• Rotameter setup

• Centrifugal pump/submergible Pump setup

• Reciprocating pump setup

• Gear Pump setup

• Pelton wheel setup

• Francis and Keplan turbine setup


Facilities to measure the flow of fluids using different fluid machinery

11. Engineering Practices Laboratory

Special Industrial Equipment

• Welding machine setup

• Taper turning and simple turning lathe machines

• Air conditioner setup

• Carpentry components and pipe connections

• Sheet metal tools


Facilities to know the basic knowledge of plumbing and carpentry components of residential and industrial buildings. Safety aspects.